Thinking about learning Chess?...Opt for Think Chess

Think-chess institute is India’s first online based chess institute. This institute is owned by FM Sohan Phadke who has experience in chess coaching for the last 10 years. Our Institute spreaded in over 22 countries.

We believe that students should love this amazing game. FM Sohan Phadke and our trainers design courses to create passion about chess in the student mind.

We currently have 250+ students with the youngest student is 5 years old whereas the oldest student is 60 years old.

We also have a dedicated think-chess youtube channel in which we post videos about chess. You can visit from here -

About FM & FI Sohan Phadke

Sohan is a Fide Master and Fide Instructor. He also have one international Master norm and he also selected and played National premier chess championship in 2012.
He also participated in many international tournaments in more than 15 countries.

Sohan is Well versed with the current opening theory , tournament practices and psychology that is necessary to participate in high level tournaments He has 10 years of coaching experience and his teaching style is very unique. He tells short stories to students which relate to life. He is also created viral series called attacking monday morning on chessbase india’s youtube channel(India’s top chess channel)

Why should you join Think-Chess Institute

1- online presence in 21 countries

Currently we have students from 22 countries such as the UK, USA, Italy, Canada, South Africa, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, UAE, Australia, New Zealand etc.

2- All trainers are active players

Coaches play a very important role to create love about chess in a student's mind. Our all trainers are active players and they are well versed with new trends and techniques. We provide all facilities to our coaches so that they will teach students efficiently.

3- Courses for players who take chess as a hobby

Every player dont play chess to become world champion.. Some players play chess because they love this game. Our institute created special delight courses for those who take chess as a hobby..

4- No age barrier

Chess is a game which has no age barrier. Our well trained trainers are ready to teach chess to everyone. So if you are 5 year old or 95 year old you can start your chess journey with us!

5- Queens off the board

We believe that women should also join chess as a full time career. We have currently 4 female chess coaches in our institute. All our women coaches are fide rated chess players. High profile women entrepreneurs and leaders from MNCs are learning from our Think chess Institute. Recently 51 year old women from Israel joined our institute as student.

6- Affordable rates

Our rates are very affordable. We majorly focus on student improvement rather than making money. Drop us mail at to get a quote.

7- Expert Trainers

All of our fide trainers are FIDE rated and have experience in coaching. All trainers are mentored by FM Sohan Phadke. Our trainers create a personalised curriculum for every student who enrolls in Think chess Institute.

8- Regular playing Practice sessions

We organise regular playing practice sessions with other players or even with our trainers. We also organise regular tournaments on online chess platforms.

Our champions

Think chess has an excellent amount of success rate. Many of our students have won National and international level events. Following are some of the best achievements from students.

  • British Champion in U10 category
  • African continent champion
  • Shreyas become Texas junior event champion in 2019

You can directly contact us on mobile number +919850833691 or drop us email at
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